Hand wired tube amps from the heart of Pennsylvania


All amps are enclosed in solid wood, hand tuned cabinets in cherry, butternut, walnut, and pine.

Penn Tone amps feature our unique "more" knob. This knob is a control that decreases negative feedback in the phase inverter stage. Leo Fender liked a lot of negative feedback in that area, as the country players he designed for (Bill Carson, Eldon Shamblin, etc) wanted loud and clean. That sound is still in there as long as the control is not engaged, but it is also possible to decrease the negative feedback by turning the control. This feature allows the amp to take on a slightly more thick tone. This also allows the amp to overdrive a little sooner. In our minds, a great feature when the sound guy tells you to turn down a notch. This is a subtle feature for sure, but highly functional for its intended purpose.



Controls for the 1012 and 1512: Volume, tone, reverb, vibrato (speed and intensity), and our "more" knob



Controls for the 2012 and 5012: Volume, treble, bass, reverb, vibrato (speed and intensity), and our "more" knob